But It’s Expected That I Cheat

There are many clichés out there that people often joke about – about when it’s okay to cheat – as if it’s common knowledge.  Is it really okay, if not, you can reach us on 1-990-You Can Fap

Everyone Cheats Then – Don’t They?

There are many clichés about when cheating is cheating – and when cheating is just…? Help me out here.  If it’s not cheating, I’m not sure what it is.  If couples don’t clearly define what cheating is to them, there may be some grey areas.  Some people feel that in the following circumstances cheating isn’t really cheating – and it’s almost expected.  You may agree or disagree, but here is what I think:

  1. The Revenge F%$@

This is a common excuse.  Your partner cheated on you.  You stayed together, and now the opportunity arises for you to sleep with someone.  You don’t necessarily think it’s right, but you can’t help think “He slept with someone – why can’t I?”  While I can see how this might make you feel better in the moment – when will it stop?  If your partner has cheated on you and you have given him another chance, you should be working on rebuilding the relationship – not ‘getting even’ by sleeping with other people.  Next thing you know he’ll be out there getting even with you for this one.  It’s a vicious circle.

  1. They’ll Never Know

You meet a guy at the bar one night who is on holiday.  He leaves tomorrow to go back to Greece, and he is dead sexy and asking you back to his hotel room.  He’s on a flight tomorrow morning, so there is no way your man would ever find out – so it’s okay, right?  Think what you like, but no matter how you sugar coat it – you’re still sleeping with another man – whether he knows or not.

  1. I Was on Vacation

Part of traveling is experiencing the people too, right?  Of course – but you don’t necessarily have to experience how the local people have sex.  If the roles were reversed, and you were at home while he was on vacation – would you be okay with him ‘experiencing the locals’?

  1. Girls Night Out!

A night out with the girls can often get wild – especially if your friends are all single.  It’s easy to get caught up in the flirtatious vibe of the night clubs when you’re out with your gal pals.  Light flirting is usually okay – depending how far you let it go.  Let him buy you a drink.  Let him tell you you’re beautiful.  But if you can’t go home and tell your boyfriend about it – it might be cheating.

An Easy Way To Use The Rabbit Dildo For Sexual Pleasures

Rabbit Dildo| What Is A Rabbit Dildo?| The Different Parts That A Rabbit Dildo Has

Using A Rabbit Dildo For The First Time

The term rabbit dildo was given to a particular type of woman’s sex toy, because the toy resembles the appearance of a rabbit. However, even though the toy was inspired by a rabbit’s appearance, it’s clear that these incredible rabbit dildo toys were made with a woman’s needs in mind.

If your boyfriend or partner has just recently purchased a rabbit dildo for you to play with, one of the first things you need to do is learn how to correctly use all of the parts that are included on this clever woman’s sex toy. The rabbit dildo is made up of two separate parts.

The main part of the toy is known as the shaft. This portion of the toy looks just like a male’s penis; it is made for insertion into the vagina. The second part of the toy actually resembles a pair of rabbit ears. This section is referred to as a clitoral stimulator. It has a built in vibrating mechanism that will vibrate against your clitoris when the toy is in use.

After looking the toy over, you are going to want to grab for a pair of batteries to use with the toy. It is important that the batteries that you purchase are put inside of the toy carefully. If the batteries are misplaced, the toy will be inoperable; this will definitely take a lot of fun out of using the toy. Usually, the rabbit dildo will come with some basic instructions that will show you how to insert the batteries that are included with it.

One question that a lot of women ask me is why the rabbit dildo is called a dildo and not a vibrator. Most women identify dildos as being stationary adult sex toys that do not have any vibrating capabilities. However, for some reason women have been calling a lot of the rabbit vibrators a rabbit dildo instead. This is simply a play on words, and does not have any bearing on what the toy actually does.

Before you insert the shaft portion of the rabbit dildo into your vagina opening, you will want to play with the different settings that the dildo encompasses first. Rabbit dildos have two different control functions. Usually, the shaft portion of the toy will rotate in a circular motion, while the rabbit ears emulative portion of the toy will massage your clit, for some external action.

After you have found a setting on the rabbit dildo that you feel is going to meet your needs, then the lube comes into the picture. Adult sex toys require some type of lubricant to be added to their external surface before they are used. Even though women have the ability to naturally lubricate themselves, it is always better to have a bottle of lube on standby, just in case.

The only way to know if you have the rabbit dildo positioned the right way on your body is if the entire shaft portion of the toy is buried inside of your vagina, and the clitoral stimulator meets up with your clitoris. Be prepared to experience some incredible orgasms when you choose to use this toy during your next masturbation session.