Are All Of The Guys In Prostate Orgasm Video Clips Photoshopped?

Prostate Orgasm Video| The Mangasm Voyager Is A Great Addition To Any Prostate Orgasm Video

Breaking The Prostate Orgasm Video Taboo

Have you ever noticed how every single guy that stars in a prostate orgasm video looks like they just jumped out of the pages of a Male Fitness magazine? I mean, I guess girls like to watch guys who are masculine playing with themselves and making themselves cum all over the place, but what about normal guys that just want to know how to accomplish the same tasks as the men in the videos?

I did a lot of searching on the internet and most of the prostate orgasm video clips that I came across showed guys that just placed a butt plug into their anuses and jerked their cocks off as fast as they could. It kind of surprised me that the videos were even put into the prostate orgasm category, since most of the videos paid attention to the male’s penis, instead of his anus.

If I wasn’t so camera shy, I would make my own prostate orgasm video that actually walked normal guys through what they need to do in order to stimulate this area of their bodies. Instead of using a butt plug, like the Mangasm Alpha, I’d step it up a notch and use a vibrating prostate stimulator, kind of like the Mangasm Voyager.

Using The Mangasm Voyager To Make a Prostate Orgasm Video

Even though I haven’t made a prostate orgasm video, I have thought about it a lot. I mean, not every girl likes watching guys with large muscles jerk their cocks off, while a butt plug is hanging from their anuses. If this were the case, more than 85% of the men in the world would be single for the rest of their lives.

My video would be different; it would be something that you would never expect. I would use the Mangasm Voyager, not only because it is made for prostate stimulation, but also because I’ve had a lot of incredible orgasms with this toy placed inside of my anus. Also, instead of paying attention to my cock, I would pay attention to my prostate gland.

The male prostate gland is the male g-spot, so why wouldn’t you wan to give this area of your body a lot of attention if it’s your point of stimulance? Tell me if I’m wrong, but I believe a prostate orgasm video should be just that, a video that shows and tells guys how to stimulate their male g-spots using different items, such as the Mangasm Voyager.

I am personally sick and tired of every time that I want to watch a prostate orgasm video; I have to watch a strong muscular guy jerk his cock off. If I wanted to watch traditional porn I would watch it, but prostate stimulation is a lot more exciting than your average jerk fest. I sincerely hope that there is a prostate orgasm video out there somewhere that is designed by men for men.

Experiencing a prostate orgasm is something that no man can openly explain to a guy that has never had this experience. This is why the prostate orgasm video that you watch should clearly depict the pleasure on the guy’s face that is engaging in the task and show you firsthand what it looks and feels like to play with this area of your body.