Tips And Techniques: How To Use A Female G-Spot Vibrator For The First Time

G-Spot Vibrator| Using A Female G-spot Vibrator For The First Time| Tips And Techniques

How To Properly Use A G-Spot Vibrator

After purchasing your first g-spot vibrator, there is still one more hurdle that you have to get over, and that is actually using the g-spot vibrator for sexual stimulation. Before you get too hasty and ruin your chances of enjoying this special encounter, I’ve found a couple of tips that you need to keep in mind during every masturbation session with a g-spot vibrator. Not only will these tips ensure that you are using the toys correctly, but they will also ensure that you obtain an incredible orgasm when these toys are employed.

Relax and Enjoy The Ride- Female masturbation is intended to be fun. If it were not fun, incredible feeling, and relaxing than no one would ever think about doing it. The number one mistake that girls make when using a g-spot vibrator, is they start to think of this sexual endeavor as a chore. When you think of masturbation as a chore, it’s not going to be exciting. Get yourself into the frame of mind that you are going to be doing something that is going to sexually benefit you.

By thinking this way, you will enjoy your entire female masturbation session a lot more, than if you were to just think of the entire ordeal as a chore more than anything else. Being a female, I can understand that sometimes masturbation seems a little boring at times. But, using a g-spot vibrator will definitely brighten the mood and change your perceptions towards this sexual encounter.

Don’t forget the lube! – Even though women have the ability to naturally lubricate themselves, it is actually encouraged for women to use some type of lubricant when using a g-spot vibrator. What I do to incorporate lube into the mix, is I spread a decent amount of lube over the toy that I am going to be using to masturbate with. This makes the entire insertion process a lot less complicated.

Do Not Force The G-spot Vibrator To Go Into Places It Shouldn’t Be.- There are some people that choose to use sex toys for things that they are not intended to be used for. A g-spot vibrator should always be used internally. The toy is intended to be used inside of a female’s pussy, not inside of her ass. So, if you are looking for some anal stimulation, you are not going to get it from a g-spot vibrator.

Control The Vibrations of The Toy. – Every g-spot vibrator possesses vibrating abilities. I encourage all women to insert the vibrator into their vaginas, before they opt to turn the vibrating mechanism of the toy on. Always start the vibrations from their lowest setting, and work your way up from there. Obviously, you will be the one to decide which vibration mode feels the best for you.

I personally enjoy using my g-spot vibrator for all of my kinky solo and couple affairs. In fact, I have even found a way to incorporate using my g-spot vibrator into my sexual endeavors. I’m pretty sure you may be able to find some kinky ways to use your toys as well.

There Is No Such Thing As A One Size Fits All G-spot Vibrator

G-spot Vibrator| Different Women Prefer Different Types of G-spot Vibrators| There Is No One Size Fits All

There Is A Different G-spot Vibrator For Every Woman

Men have pocket pussies, and women have a g-spot vibrator. Even though these toys are two completely different toys that fit into two different types of categories, both toys have the ability to evoke powerful orgasms in both men and women.

When picking out a g-spot vibrator for your sexual endeavors, it is important that the toy that you choose to use possess four different things. First of all, the toy that you opt to purchase for your masturbation sessions should be designed for safe penetration. On this note, you are not going to want to place a toy that is not designed for general penetration into your body, unless it is made for this type of ordeal. It sounds silly that people use toys for things that they are not supposed to be used for, but it’s something that happens all the time.

The materials that the g-spot vibrator is made from should be firm, but also easy to bend during the insertion process. Most women do not want a g-spot vibrator that does not hold its shape. After all, men cannot engage in sexual intercourse unless their cocks are hard, so why would you want a toy that falls short when it comes to the initial insertion process?

In order for a vibrator to be given the name g-spot vibrator, it must curve at a certain portion. Your normal g-spot vibrators that are designed for women will exercise a small curve along their top region. The rest of the toy will be completely straight, aside from a few ridges that are added for increased internal g-spot stimulation. There are some toys that aside from featuring the curved top section will also have additional appendages hanging off of them. These additional appendages are intentional; they were put on the outer surface of the toy in order to stimulate the clitoris, while the internal portion of your g-spot is being attended to.

Last but not least, another thing that you need to pay attention to when obtaining a g-spot vibrator is the size of the toy. You should always ensure that the size of the g-spot vibrator that you obtain is comfortable for you. Some women are able to handle a little bit more than others, so don’t feel ashamed if you have to use a toy that is small in girth and length in order to get yourself off. The main point is you got yourself off, to begin with.

Sadly enough, there is never going to be one type of g-spot vibrator that is perfect for every woman, because every woman is different. So, even if your friend simply adores her Rabbit Vibrator Plus, this does not mean that you will feel the same about it. Masturbation is all about doing what makes you feel good. Unfortunately, the same good feelings that you may experience using a certain toy, may not be the same experiences that one of your friends experience from using the same toy. Therefore, careful selection of the type of g-spot vibrator you get is important.